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Karaoke Contest Starting August 2011

Please see contest website by clicking:
Trout's Nightclub- Wednesday Nights
Lone Oak Lounge- Monday Nights
The Wright Place- Thursday Nights
The Old River Monte Carlo- Thursday Nights
The Bull Shed- Thursday Nights
Sports and Spirits- Saturday Nights
Prizes given at the finals-
1st place- $800
2nd Place- $300
3rd Place- $100
As of June 5, 2011 subject to change without notice
1)        Contestants must be at least 21 yrs old to enter the contest.
2)        You must complete at a club on the night of a qualifying contest.
3)        The amount of contestants at a qualifying round will be determined the night of the contest.  The host, 
            agents and judges reserve the right to declare the maximum amount of contested and close registration at
           any reasonable point in the night.
4)        Contestants must use music provided by the venue location.  Substitutions will not be allowed.
5)        Advancing contestants must be available for any additional elimination rounds prior to the finals.  In the
            event an advancing contestant cannot make an advancing round, his or her spot will default to the nest 
            contestant in queue.
6)        All contestants are encouraged to bring as many family and friends to the rounds of contest.
7)        The qualifying rounds, semi-finals and finals are a family friendly contest (NO foul language or
           questionable  lyrics) if you are not sure please ask before competing.  Songs containing vulgar or explicit 
           sexual lyrics will not be allowed (even if allowed by the venue location).  Contestant who, during their
            use vulgar lyrics or perform in an obscene manner will be disqualified from further contests.
8)        This contest is for individuals only (NO groups or duets)
9)        Only one entry per person, per night.
10)      You may enter as often as you like at as many locations as you like until you win a qualifying round.  Once 
           you qualify, you will no longer be allowed to complete until the semi-finals.
11)      Attempting to compete at any other location after qualifying at a location will disqualify you from the entire
12)      Leaving the stage area during a performance is not prohibited, but contestants should be aware if does
           make it difficult for the judges, cameras and audience to follow.
13)      Performances will be limited to five minutes.  Choose your song wisely.  If it is longer than five minutes, but
           prepared to give us a big finished at the five minute mark.
14)     Avoid songs with big instrumental breaks, the judges want to hear you sing.
15)     If duplicate songs are picks by contestants, we will give you the option to change your selection.  You are
          not obligated to change.
16)     Each contestant shall use only the equipment provided by Wild West Entertainment.
17)     Any contestant that allows others to sing along with him/her by surrendering the mic will be disqualified. 
          (This does not include holding the mic in the air for the audience to sing along with the background vocals).
18)     Each contestant will be judged on a scale from 1-25 (depending on category regulations).  50 points are

        i)    Any contestant that faces the malfunction of the equipment has the option of starting over.  Examples: 
              feedback, music skipping, loss of microphone.
        ii)   This does not include the contestant bumping in to the equipment or turning off the mic during the 
        iii)   If it is judged that the contestant purposely caused a malfunction of the equipment, they will be
19)     No cost to enter contest.
20)     The order of performance shall be decided by the luck of the draw.
21)     Each contestant will be judged by the following categories:
        i)     Vocal/Singing Ability – 25 points possible
        ii)    Presentation/Showmanship – 15 points possible
        iii)   Crowd Reaction/Response – 10 points possible
22)    Costuming is strongly recommended
23)     When making your song selection, keep a couple things in mind:  As a rule, Love Ballads do not always
          score well in the audience response category.  A short, up-beat song is always good to help get the
          audience  involved.
24)     Professional singers, current/former DJ/KJs, entertainers, etc., or employees of Wild West
          Entertainment are not allowed to complete.
25)     Contestants MAY NOT utilize live props.  This will include back-up singers, dancers and/or animals.  Non-
           human props such as costumes, and other accessories are permitted.   Musical instruments may be used as
           props, but ARE NOT allowed as an accompaniment to the contestant’s performance.  All props must be
           carried on staging area by the contestant only AND must be done is one trip.
26}     Friends and/or family members of contestants are not allowed to be be judges.  This could result in
           disqualification of the contestant.
27)     Contestants will sing ONE judged song.  In the event of a tie for first place, another song will be picked by
          the contestant and performed for final judging.  Contestants are not allowed to repeat the same song.  
          Should this method not break the tie, the judges will collaborate between each other and decide a winner.
28)     Contestants, their family or associates are not allowed to have contact with a contest judge before or 
          during any contest connected with Wild West Entertainment.  Contact includes:   verbal conversations
          AND/OR handshakes.  It is suggested that clubs/venues provide each judge with a badge to prevent this
29)     Contestants, their family or associates who exhibit offensive behavior during any portion of the contest  
          will disqualify that contestant from further contests.  This includes bad sportsmanship.  This contest
          intended to be friendly and fair.
30)     Decisions of the judges are final.  No arguing with the judges is allowed.  Any contestant, their family or
          associates who argue with a judge will/may be deemed offensive behavior and disqualify the contestant
          from further contests.
31)     DO NOT take someone’s word for understanding the rules of competing.  This is your responsibility.  If you
          do not understand any part of the rules, please contact a representative of Wild West Entertainment
          be completing further.  Check often as rules are subject to change.  All final decision will be made by a
          representative of Wild West Entertainment.


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